by Paulita Kincer

Could a crackly phone call from France to Ohio save Fia Randolph’s jobless complications and family troubles? That’s what she hopes when her Uncle Martin asks Fia, her husband, and teenage twins to move to Provence and take over his bed and breakfast. She envisions long picturesque walks carrying crusty baguettes and bonding with the kids as they all learn French. But Fia didn’t bargain on the way Provence would tempt her teens and husband away from the family. Then Uncle Martin’s World War II secret wrenches her family further apart. Can Fia pull her family back together and help clear her uncle’s guilty conscience?


THE SUMMER OF FRANCE was like a mystery novel, a suspense tale, and a romantic departure to lovely settings. The journey takes the reader through France, Italy, Germany, Austria, and Poland. My heart was pounding as I followed Fia’s adventurous voyage toward righting the wrongs of a time long ago. Narrated alternately from Uncle Martin’s and Fia’s perspectives, the story carried us from WWII, and a mistake a young man made, to a woman in the present who is trying to figure out a way to save her family. Captivating and wonderfully engaging, I could not put this book down. Five stars.” – Amazon Review


“The Summer Of France has a compelling storyline that engages the reader to follow Fia’s adventures in France, while drawing them into the mystery and suspense of Uncle Martin’s past. I really enjoyed reading this multi-layered story of romance and mystery.” – Jersey Girl Book Reviews blog